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CWIDP Focus: Requirements Engineering Framework

For CWIDP certification focus, this blog post will only be focusing on IEEE 29148-2018 Systems and Software Engineering – Life Cycle Processes – Requirements Engineering. Business or Mission Analysis: The purpose of the Business or Mission Analysis process is to define the business or mission problem or opportunity, characterize the solution space (environment), and determine potential solution classes. Stakeholder Needs […]

Notes: Designing the IoT Wireless Network [Protocols & Channels]

The selection of IoT solutions depends upon the protocols and their characteristics. Range > closer to 10 indicates better/greater range. Energy Management > Higher values (close to 10) indicate less energy consumption. Data Rate: Higher values indicate a higher data rate, Wi-Fi has the highest and Zigbee has the lowest in short-range protocols. High Data Rates do not mean stable […]

The ideal of Karma-Yoga

A goal can be reached by different routes viz, by work, love, psychology & knowledge. These are merely tendencies but all of us will have to work with some aspects of each but a dominant way of getting to the goal. Evil > The Line of action taken is not proper. Good > When the line of action is taken […]


Causation of a thought/work/action ~ Karma. Law of Karma = Law of causation ~ Cause/Effect. Karma in its sense is a law as it has a tendency to repeat (cause/effect and repeat). This law was given the name “Vyapti”. Law is the method by which we can come to grasp on how things work like gravity etc. it is all […]

We help ourselves, not the world

Every religion has 3 components Philosophy – Basic essence Mythology – Illustrations of the principles Ritual (Karma) – Conceptualize the philosophy, people need something to stick to rather than knowing the nitty-gritty behind it. Let’s discuss symbols, they are universal. We all think in one or more ways in the symbols. They represent religion, and cultural identities and form a […]

What is Duty?

The idea of duty is different in different nations. The word “killing” may be interpreted differently. For an ordinary man who goes about shooting and killing people vs. a soldier on the war front killing the opponents who are trying to infiltrate. The term ‘Duty’ is quite subjective on its own. What is a duty for one may be a […]

The secret of work!

Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and then he can be fed for life. If a man’s want can be removed forever, that is certainly the greatest help that can be given. Our miseries can only be destroyed forever by attaining spiritual knowledge. All other knowledge has a time/place barrier and […]

Each is great in his own place!

Samkhya philosophy – 3 forces (in the physical world attributed to Equilibrium, Activity & Inertness) Sattva (Balance between Rajas and Tamas) Rajas (activity in itself expressed as attraction or repulsion) Tamas (darkness of inactivity) Karma yoga helps us deal with these 3 factors, giving us in-depth understanding to help us make the best use of them. Morality is relative to […]