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We help ourselves, not the world

Every religion has 3 components

  • Philosophy – Basic essence
  • Mythology – Illustrations of the principles
  • Ritual (Karma) – Conceptualize the philosophy, people need something to stick to rather than knowing the nitty-gritty behind it.

Let’s discuss symbols, they are universal. We all think in one or more ways in the symbols. They represent religion, and cultural identities and form a basis of communication.

Language in most cases is not conventional. When you say the word ‘water’ the brain symbolizes water and simply draws it in the form of either ocean, in a bottle or river or just a drop of it. In Sanskrit, this philosophy is known as Nama-Rupa (Name and form).

Every word has a power in itself. Creation in one or more ways has come out of the word. The older one gets the trend to become more cruel and neglects the simple things that happen around us. At times one is led to inquire into and wonder how things came into place and how something works. Wonder in itself is the first step in moving towards God. Our thoughts talking to us, our senses at play (listening to music, or someone speaking and then responding) are in themselves wonderful. We should have a sense of awe at the smallest of the things that are happening around us. Our body for example is one of the most complex machines but still 90% of what is happening is just automatic and wonderful. We are 90% automated so why fear the advent of AI?

Coming back to the power of words, gentle words in conversations can change the whole setup vibe and make life seem not the way it is. At every moment we use the power of words to either do our good or put is awkward or unwanted situations, enabling us to do our part in Karma-Yoga.

Apparently doing good to others or to the world is in itself be considered a selfish act for it helps us. The world can function with and without us. It is not made for us but we are made for the world. Nothing in this world is however good or bad in itself. It is just the way it is been put to use for e.g. Fire when used properly can help us cook food or provide warmth but if neglected can burn the house and take it down. Yet one must practice the service to others and always find good in the situation. The world does not owe anything to us. It is a great privilege to help others as it is in turn helping us. There is a greater power at work that has a universal presence. He is always at work, infinite and above all the dichotomies (dualities like good/bad, right/wrong, left/right, male/female etc..)