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Causation of a thought/work/action ~ Karma.

Law of Karma = Law of causation ~ Cause/Effect. Karma in its sense is a law as it has a tendency to repeat (cause/effect and repeat). This law was given the name “Vyapti”. Law is the method by which we can come to grasp on how things work like gravity etc. it is all in the mind. To break this down, the way our minds work to analyse certain clues etc., the work that help us can be termed as “VYAPTI”.

Clue > Hetu > Connected to our analysis or discoveries. (for e.g. see smoke on the hill)

Vyapti > The presence of the clue implies the presence of the thing one is looking for. (Whenever there’s smoke on the hill there is fire on the hill or someone is cooking something)

So, you use this rule VYAPTI to make an educated guess.

Space > Time & Causation is termed as Desha > Kala > Nimitta

Freedom > Molded into bondage > Freedom – Everything beyond the range of our minds is not bound by the law of causation. It is only when the being gets molded into the name and it obeys the law of causation. So does free will actually exist or is everything pre-determined? Since everything is this universe is molded with the time/space/causation so how can it be free? While strict determinism suggests that free will is an illusion, compatibilism and considerations from quantum physics offer alternative perspectives that allow for the possibility of meaningful human agency within a causal universe.

Further it suggests that true freedom requires transcending the constraints/boundaries of the physical universe and the universe which is often experienced with our senses. If one gives up the attachments to the little things in the life/universe which are bound by the senses, he shall be free immediately. But it is the most difficult thing to do having born in this world bound to the senses.

Neti, Neti – The purpose of “neti, neti” is to lead the practitioner to a realization that the ultimate reality or true self cannot be confined to any specific object, concept, or experience, as it transcends all of them. It is a method of negation or denial.

Iti – After the process of negation using “neti, neti,” when a seeker arrives at the point of recognizing the true self or ultimate reality, they may use “iti” to express that realization. It signifies that the seeker has come to the understanding that the true self is not any of the previously negated aspects but is beyond them.

Very few people can follow the above processes. In normal circumstances or scenarios, the process starts by becoming a part of the world, what is around you – start enjoying it and slowly give up on the things and become unattached to it/them.

The former is the path of Jnana Yoga while the latter is Karma Yoga. Everything around us and in this universe is cyclic in nature. People come into a whirl, spend their time, laugh, cry, grow and die & repeat gain.

Everything/every being in this universe is at work and ultimately waiting for freedom/salvation. Freedom from the mind, body and spirit. Karma yoga focuses on how to carry out while being part of this world and to our best advantage. “Work incessantly, but give up all attachments to work”. Every thought of selfishness or the act of it makes us attached to something becoming the slave to it. One should enjoy the beauty around while not identifying it with oneself or be attached to it. Never say it is mine, I’ve done it, It belongs to me.

One should be like the lotus leaf which does not allow water to stay on it. Let water touch it but do not let it stay on. One should try various things while being part of this world but not be a slave to it or attached to it. This is called VAIRAGYA – (non-attachment/dispassion). Vairagya is the basis of any/all Yogas. Two ways to give up all the attachment – one for those who do not believe in God or in any outside help have to work on being detached from everything. It is easier in the case of people who believe in God or an outside entity at work which is the 2nd way to handle this situation. Let us surrender all the work we do to him(God). Let’s give them all the credit for he is working through me to undertake the work. The sacrifice of little self to God is the greatest sacrifice.

The only true duty is to be unattached to everything and give up all work unto God. All duties are His. He is working through me (that should be our intention). Everything carried out of compulsion builds up to attachment.

The highest kind of men like Mahavatar Babaji silently collect true and noble ideas. Others like Buddha/Christ etc… go from place to place preaching on the ideas and working on them. The highest men are calm, silent & unknown. He/God is taking care of the minutest thing in the world, our responsibility is to let him work through us and be curious and awe-struck on how everything gets done at the right time.