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Mid last year (2023), I lost my site contents and backup for the blog site keepcalmandping.online

It has taken quite a bit with other things going in parallel to revive and get the site to a working state with the posts that I have made in the past.

***A formal intro***

Hi there, Thanks for visiting the blog. My name is Jeetendra Kulkarni. Friends and family used to refer me as Jeetu but it got shortened to Jeet 🙂 This name was given to me by Nupur (My wife). I am from Hyderabad, India and moved to Auckland, New Zealand in Mid 2008.

This website is work in progress blog dedicated to my passion and learning towards my career in Networking and Wireless. I am quite passionate about the technology and the to pen down my experiences in this blog. I’ve been in the IT industry since 2004. I fail and learn every few days. The biggest project I have worked on is to work on my personality, develop skills required to the best of what I can do. I aim to help more people and teams achieve their goals. In addition, have been on the hunt to be a yoga practitioner, a runner and to become a better engineer, husband, dad and son than I used to be..

Feel free to reach out to me.

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You can also email and reach out to me here.