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The secret of work!

Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and then he can be fed for life. If a man’s want can be removed forever, that is certainly the greatest help that can be given. Our miseries can only be destroyed forever by attaining spiritual knowledge. All other knowledge has a time/place barrier and can only be satisfied in that span. A spiritually strong person will be strong in all aspects for even the physical needs can be satisfied. Next to spiritual is intellectual knowledge followed by actual physical help.

PROVIDE HELP –> First Spiritual –> Next Intellectual –> Last option is physical help. Spirituality can change the way a man looks or interacts with his needs and miseries as they arise.

Non-attachment to the work that is carried out will not have a binding impact on our souls. But it is so hard to have no attachment to the work that is carried out by us, we have to pay bills and move forward in life. However, one should seek to practice non-attachment by surrendering to god, it is god who is carrying out the task and I am just a means by which it is carried out. Once we shun our ego and let go of this feeling that I am the one doing all this, it will result in dissolving karma and removing bondages from the soul.

Every ripple/wave or thought that rises in our mind creates repeated alignments leading to what is known as ‘Samskaras’. At any given moment we are sum total of our impressions or samskaras in our mind from our present and past lives.

Character = Sum total of impressions/samskaras (Good+Bad). One must consciously strive to do good actions even if his mind has bad/unpleasant impressions as this will result in creating better impressions thereby creating an inventory of good karma(s).  Liberation means freedom from the bondage of good/bad. If you are stuck by a thorn it will take another pin/thorn to remove it however, once the work is done we do need either of them. So bad tendencies or impressions eventually disappear or are subdued and conquered by the good ones.

One should ‘Eat to live’ and not ‘live to eat’. Attachment to anything/anyone adds deep impressions on the soul which binds us down to the worldly realms. The aim should be not be slave to our work and replace that with love for work. As every act of love brings lasting happiness.

Real existence > Real knowledge > Real love are eternally connected with each other in the aspects of existence, knowledge and bliss.

True love does not have any painful reactions but only bliss. If it doesn’t bring you bliss it is something else viz. infatuation, attraction or jealousy as well. All of which are leaning towards attachment. It is the love from God that makes the universe/world tick at every moment. If he seizes to love it will stop ticking.

It can take a great amount of willpower and sometimes life-work to attain non-attachment. Expecting from others can lead to disappointment. Have no expectations and be a true giver in all aspects, inadvertently open doors and things start to flow inwards. You become the instrument of passage like water passing through the valleys and mountains without caring about strides and falls ultimately meeting the sea which is God.

It is easier to donate something which you do not use or like. It is harder to give away our priced possessions and attachments. Be grateful that you are the source by which there will be a better change in the lives of other people. Helping all until we can till the end without asking questions or expecting favors at later stage is the key to the secret of the work. How may I serve? How can I make the lives of people around me better?