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The very basics of Wi-Fi

I recently did a presentation at work for non-technical people and created the powerpoint slides. Hope they help you or anyone who is not familiar with what and how Wi-Fi is.

ECSE Course Experience #Ekahau #WIFI #Design

I’ve been doing WIFI for over 3 years now and used few design and survey tools like Ekahau and Tamograph Site Survey. Always had a notion in mind if I am doing things correctly or missing something important while completing a site predictive design or validation survey. I’ve always wanted to make sure I follow the best practices and the […]

CWNA Certification Journey

I managed to get my CWNA certification today, this was my 2nd attempt. The first attempt was a failure a few months ago. Failed Attempt: 53% Passed Attempt: 82% Below are a few tips which I would like to share so that you get most for this certification. It would be quite beneficial if you already work for a Network/Wireless […]

CWNA – Chapter 2 Summary & Exam Essentials

CWNA Chapter 2 – IEEE 802.11 Standards and Amendments. “Defined” means the amendment either no longer exists or it was rolled into the existing (or prior versions) 802.11-2007 spec. “Defines” means it is a ratified amendment that will be rolled into 802.11-2011. “Will define” means it is a work in progress and not yet amended. 802.11-1997 (sometimes called 802.11 “prime”) […]

CWNA – Chapter 1 Summary & Exam Essentials

Overview of Wireless Standards, Organisations and Fundamentals. 4 Key organisations involved with wireless networking industry – FCC and other regulatory domains (ITU-R (ACMA (Australia)) (ARIB(Japan)) – FCC regulates communication from/to/within US. Both licensed and unlicensed communications are typically regulated in the following 5 areas  – Frequency, Bandwidth, Maximum power of the intentional radiator (IR),  Maximum equivalent isotropically radiated power (EIRP), […]

CWNA, Authentication & Encryption Types

Different Authentication types Open PSK 802.1X Open Authentication – There is no authentication (Free for all). Device connects to wireless network without any issue.  Open Authentication might also redirect to a captive portal like at a Airport or Public Wireless places. There is a two way packet exchange. It is not the secure way to setup the wireless. PSK / WPA/WPA2 […]


CCK – Complementary Code KeyingDSSS – Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum OFDM – Orthogonal Frequency Divisional MultiplexingFHSS – Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum There are various versions of WLAN standard developed to address different data rate and coverage requirements. IEEE 802.11b supports four data rates viz. 1 Mbps, 2 Mbps, 5.5 Mbps and 11 Mbps. – DSSS is used to provide support […]

CWNA , IEEE 802.11!

Hi IEEE 802.11 Key Concepts Let’s get started with the IEEE 802.11 Journey synopsis. Standards are defined at physical and mac-sub layer(data-link). We are referring to different ways of transmitting data over the air. Also how our communication signal would deliver information. One of the original ones we’ve come across is FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) and DSSS (Distributed Sequence […]

Wave Length and Frequency Basics

Wave Length – is the distance between 2 successive crests (peaks). Commonly, lower frequency signal will travel farther than higher frequency. 2.4GHz – 4.82 inches (12.24 cms), 5GHz – 2.04 inches (5.19 cms) Frequency – Peaks of signal, seen over a period of time. Defined in Hertz. 1 Hz = 1 cycle p/s 1 KHz = 1000 cycles p/s 1 […]