How did I Decipher 802.11 Frames! #CWAP-2

Main Objective: To successfully transfer every bit of information(data) from one device to another. 802.11 MAC HEADER Let us now go through the basics of the frame header and the components. I have captured a simple beacon (management) frame using…

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CWAP 403 – Start >

I will be summarising each chapter on the Certitrek Publishing – Official Study Guide for CWAP 403 Exam. I’ve learned plenty of concepts from the first chapter – 802.11 – The Protocol. This is one of the chapters which you…

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CCK – Complementary Code KeyingDSSS – Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum OFDM – Orthogonal Frequency Divisional MultiplexingFHSS – Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum There are various versions of WLAN standard developed to address different data rate and coverage requirements. IEEE 802.11b supports…

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