Hi again, This is the landing page of articles related to general wellbeing & fitness. Most of the them would be my personal experiences which can benefit others in their way to be more healthier and fitter.

How to Run and for little longer!

I've always wanted to write about "Running" as a focus on health/fitness regimen. Running is one of the best forms of cardio exercises which can improve overall health. I've been running for the past 10+ years. The maximum i've run is 22kms~13.1 miles for a half marathon. I normally don't run any less than 3-5kms in a given run. Generally make sure that I run 2x 10kms and around 5x 5kms in a month. As they say quite right about 'Health being the best form of Wealth' anyone can possess. Running also provides much needed stress relief and provides clarity in thinking helping you with effective decision making.

I'd like to provide some tips which can benefit you with running. This article is aimed at people who starting on the course of their journey to be more fit and improve their overall training which can help with achieving the health/fitness goals.

  1. Always Hold the Vision > If you aim to run tomorrow have the vision of completing it in your mind the night before. Envision the track or the trail and see yourself completing it. I've seen this help a lot as its important for your brain assimilate your goals.
  2. Invest in good Running Shoes > I've learnt that running shoes play a major role when it comes to running and sustainability. Incorrect shoe size or uncomfortable shoes can lead to short/long term foot injury and issues. Good shoes may cost you at the time of purchase but the benefits outweigh as they provide the much needed comfort while running enabling you to run for longer without any injury and pain.
  3. What to eat and not> Don't eat a heavy dinner/meal the night before you plan for the run. Green leafy veggies salad with beetroot can help with sustainability and pace for the running. Believe it or not Beetroot can do wonders for running as it is packed with nitrates which can increase the blood flow capacity and lowering the amount of oxygen muscles need. Even if you end up eating other than salad make sure you have it 3 hours before the bedtime. Don’t eat or drink anything new before or during the workout.
  4. Aim to get 6-8hours of Sleep > Sleep is important, especially a longer sleep cycle ensures that your body goes through the REM state enabling your digestion process to complete and making your muscles rest so that they are prepared for the run.
  5. Bowel Clearance > This is an important element, the gut has to be happy so that you can focus on running. Ensure you drink a warm/hot glass of water upon getting up in the morning helping you with clearing the bowel.
  6. What gets measured gets improved > I am sure you have a smart phone or perhaps a smart watch as well. I am not saying this required all the time but it is good to have your run/activity tracked. Tracking helps you know where you stand and helps in improving the performance. I've been using Fitbit and Strava for recording the activity.
  7. Utilities - Carry a bottle of water if you are new to running. Hydration is very important for any physical activity. Make sure you put on some sunscreen to block harmful UV if you are running between 9am to 5pm. If you are running for 10+ KMs, might pay to carry a small sack containing a couple of bananas and some peanuts. That's the best natural energy bar you can have without spending much money. Wear according to the forecast/temperature in your area. Don't wear too much warm attire/clothing because we tend to warm up soon.
  8. Don't forget the Warm-up & Stretch > Before commencing the run perform some warm up exercises, this can include some push ups or pull ups. After completing the run/activity make sure you perform some stretching exercises to relieve the muscular tension. I've seen that missing the stretching routine can cause leg sprains.

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Intermittent Fasting - Interim Results

This one will be short. The outcome of intermittent fasting has been positive. I have now successfully been able to adapt to the trends of intermittent fasting. I do a mix of 20/4 and 16/8 methods of fasting and follow them at least 4 days in the week, with 3 other days being normal or what is considered cheat days.

Bearing in mind that even though 3 days are referred to as cheat days do not actually end up cheating the whole time. I still aim for portion control and reduce the speed of food intake. Emphasize more on choosing a better quality of food rather than quantity. I am also limiting the intake of processed & sugary foods in particular. I can happily say that managed to reduce at least 4.5 kgs so far in the past 3 months. I have also lost 1.5 inches off my waist helping me to use some good old trousers. Next update will be close to completion of 6 months at the end of July 2019.

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IR - Intermittent Fasting - Not INFRARED

I am slightly going off topic here with not posting or writing about IT related stuff. This is IR - The world of fasting/intermittent fasting. I was intrigued by the idea of intermittent fasting. It fascinated me to realize that my grand parents were indeed following this regimen by default. They used to be up early (5-6am), have tea and then have early lunch or late breakfast around 1130-12pm. Have some snack/tea around 3pm and then dinner around 6-7pm. This is the procedure for 16/8 intermittent fasting. You restrict to have heavy dinner and late breakfast. Of course my grandparents ate real food like wholegrains, fruits, vegetables, legumes and not fries/soda/pizza with solid cheese crust. They even did not indulge in heavy alcohol or resort to junk food mentioned above. Goes to show why they are healthier than we are right now.

This goes without saying that quality of food produced today cannot be compared to what was produced few decades ago. Population/Politics and Pesticides - the 3Ps have played the major role on the quality of the food we eat today.

Coming back to IR - I've started this regime from 29th Jan 2019. Trying to keep it to the routine. So far it has been good. I have also included running in my daily schedule and aim to run a minimum of 4 days in week on an average of 4kms per day. This is end of week 2 haven't seen much changes in weight, though feeling less bloated and bulky around the waist line could be the starting signs. I've also included to eat salad lunches at least 4 days in the week and induce portion control while eating dinner.

I will update again on the progress in the beginning of March.

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Until next time....

My parents left Auckland yesterday after spending last 6 months with us. Good times really fly by faster. Feels like yesterday for the arrival in Auckland back on 15 March. We all had a great time together. Yes there were some arguments struggles and tiffs but nothing to match the good times we got in return. We went to mt ruapehu, lake Taupo and few places in Auckland. Hope Hridhaan will take the change okay. Thanks to nupur as well for the cooperation and adjustments that she had to make.

See you soon mummy and papa.

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