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Skycity Level 48

Been to Auckland Skycity level 48 a while ago! The floor is an array of antenna and micro wave radios pointing in all the directions. Skycity tower is remarkably the tallest tower in southern hemisphere. Ideally it will one of the best locations to install your radio/antenna. Was quite a fascination to see the disk shaped, lamp shaped and other […]

Wireless : Antenna

Types of Antenna Omni Directional – Design to radiate RF signal in all directional. Default type of antenna in the APs. Semi Directional – Used for short to medium distance communications. Patch, Panel and Yagi come under the category of semi directional. Patch Antenna – used for outdoor point to point communication. Looks flat, usually separate from actual AP. Planar […]

Azimuth and Elevation Concept

The azimuth is the angle between a celestial body (sun, moon) and the North, measured clockwise around the observer’s horizon. In WI-FI, radiation patterns can be defined by Azimuth and Elevation charts. To determine the signal strength relative to where the antenna is. In either chart, the antenna is placed at the center of the chart. Azimuth chart = H-plane […]

Wireless Analysis 101

Wireless Performance Analysis I want to jot down some points for my own revision and yours if they may help you in getting through a wireless performance analysis for any business/firm. Intention : To conduct wireless analysis without gaining access to the network equipment of the firm. Software/App used or required – Spectrum Analyser – from Metageek https://www.metageek.com/products/ https://www.metageek.com/products/wi-spy/ Environments […]

Keying Methods

– Amplitude Shift Keying – Frequency Shift Keying – Phase Shift Keying – on-off Shift Keying Fundamental to all wireless communications is modulation, the process of impressing the data to be transmitted on the radio carrier. Most wireless transmissions today are digital, and with the limited spectrum available, the type of modulation is more critical than it has ever been. […]