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Change control and why it may save you!

Change control is an important part of ITIL and any organized form of business. It is the source and essence of the day to day tasks and it encompasses the same logging that used to be done in early days which is now a days replaced by online/computer format change control. Change control also gives a scope to peer review […]

What is 802.11ax

Well we first thought there are lot of acronyms in CPU naming schemes but wireless nomenclature may be even more confusing. Started with 802.11 and then got on to 802.11b/g/n/ac/ac wave 2 and then the recent one 802.11ax.  Speed – Max theoretical speed for 1 stream on AC is 866 Mb/s, AX promises speeds around 1201 Mb/s. Speed depends on […]

Skycity Level 48

Been to Auckland Skycity level 48 a while ago! The floor is an array of antenna and micro wave radios pointing in all the directions. Skycity tower is remarkably the tallest tower in southern hemisphere. Ideally it will one of the best locations to install your radio/antenna. Was quite a fascination to see the disk shaped, lamp shaped and other […]