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IoT Basics – MindMap #CWISA #CWSA #IoT

One of the shortest blogpost but lot can go on if you think about IoT.

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CWISA – Cellular Networks #CWSA #IoT #LTE #CWNP

Planning Wireless Solution cover 30% of the exam syllabus. This blog focusses on Cellular Networks (Overview and Understanding) – chapter 6. CWISA exam does not require one to know in and out of cellular wireless networking. It only aims at…

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CWDP Exam!, A pinch of common sense and a lot of experience!

Why CDWP? CWDP is one of the professional level exams along with CWAP and CWSP to qualify towards CWNP qualification. It focusses on Wi-Fi Planning, Defining Requirements, Designing, WLAN validation (also known as Site Survey) and some troubleshooting. Personal Experience…

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Everything I know about 5G!

5G is 5th Generation of Wireless Technology. 5G is Software defined network. 10x faster than 4G, 2hour film – 3G – 26 hours, 4G – 6hours, 5G – around 4 seconds. Response times faster – 4G – 0.045 m/s, 5G…

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2019 and the learnings

2019 is here and 15 days have already passed, just 23 fortnights to end the year 🙂 Anyway 2018 had been a great year for me with regards to the IT centric learning. I’ve been through job redundancy, a Great…

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CWNA , IEEE 802.11!

Hi IEEE 802.11 Key Concepts Let’s get started with the IEEE 802.11 Journey synopsis. Standards are defined at physical and mac-sub layer(data-link). We are referring to different ways of transmitting data over the air. Also how our communication signal would…

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Packeth – Ethernet Packet Generator

I came across this interesting tool yesterday which helps in generating traffic/sequence of packets on the ethernet.  It is primarily Linux based tool but is supported on Windows/Mac. Haven’t got much luck with Windows but Linux version works well. More…

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Change control and why it may save you!

Change control is an important part of ITIL and any organized form of business. It is the source and essence of the day to day tasks and it encompasses the same logging that used to be done in early days…

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What is 802.11ax

Well we first thought there are lot of acronyms in CPU naming schemes but wireless nomenclature may be even more confusing. Started with 802.11 and then got on to 802.11b/g/n/ac/ac wave 2 and then the recent one 802.11ax.  Speed –…

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