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CWNA : New Things Learnt today

Cinemas jamming mobile phone signals #cinemajammers The US’s National Association of Theater Owners wants the FCC’s permission to block mobile reception inside cinemas. To be honest I thought this already happened in some places… maybe I’d mentally linked it to office buildings with Faraday cage wall structures to prevent eavesdropping on wireless data transfer; I don’t know how common these […]

4 Way Handshake

    In my own simple words  4-way handshake between a client and an access point Acronyms used: PMK – pairwise master key PRF = Pseudo Random Function AA = Authenticator Address, SA = Supplicant Address PTK = PRF(PMK | ANonce | SNonce | AA | SA) MIC = Message integrity code GTK = Group temporal key EAP-Key Message 1/4 […]

Duo MFA Security

Learnt something new today for DUO security. Any app or device can now be configured for MFA. Today i was able to get office 365 and azure login to redirect to DUO, got it working in less than 15 minutes. Quite amazing. Not sure if its so easy to configure or i am getting good at it 🙂 I am […]