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CWNE – The Journey has begun – Part 2

After moving to a new role as a Wireless Network Engineer I was exposed to other vendor technologies like Extreme (Aerohive) & Huawei. I worked with legacy Hive Manager and Extreme Cloud IQ. In the end of 2019, CWNE requirements were revised and CWISA (formerly CWSA) was added to the requirements lists. One of the first goals was to complete CWISA exam. CWISA exam experience was great, it has some overlaps with CWNA topics but good exposure to IoT, LoRaWAN and some introduction to automation technologies. I managed to get the certification completed end of March 2021.

I was grateful to my work for sponsoring me to complete the ECSE Design course. Though I had used Ekahau for around 4 years, It was a great learning outcome for me to learn some quick tips and follow best practices to use this application. I completed this course in the end of April 2021.

I now aimed to complete all the requirements for CWNE application which took around a month alongside work/family.

One of the CWNE requirements are to write 3 essays on the 802.11 topics. I’ve written separate blogs on each of the essays, feel free to take a glimpse and idea of the content so that you can relate some of your own project works and write it up.

Essay # 1

Essay # 2

Essay # 3

Another requirement is to get 3 endorsements from anyone who can verify the work done in wireless realm. I chose my present manager, previous company’s manager and one of my senior colleague at a large distribution centers.

Since I had completed NSE 4 certification in 2019 November that helped me to meet the external vendor cert requirements.

I submitted my CWNE application in the first week of June 2021 and the status displayed something like this.

It was changed to Active state in a couple of days and I managed to bookmark the link. Checking this link was a daily or sometimes hourly ritual.

After around 45 days I was randomly checking this one day and found status changed to “Approved”.

There is a long list of gratitude for the people who have helped me reach to this level. The journey doesn’t stop here. I intend to strengthen my Wi-Fi knowledge by exploring Juniper MistAI and Extreme Networks. I also plan to study for Cisco DevNet certification. The learning no way stops here.

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