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CWSP-206 Exam Feedback

I’d like to provide some tips and tricks to help one achieve the CWNP certification. The CWSP-206 Exam was revised in November 2019 from CWSP-205 with added topics on OWE/WPA3 and SAE and removing some older security concepts around pre-RSNA technologies like WEP.

The exam in itself is not as hard compared to CWAP. I’d still suggest guys to take CWAP exam before CWSP and CWDP. CWAP exam does provide a good base/foundation for the security concepts. Some concepts for 802.11 Discovery/ Secure Roaming are covered in CWAP. Some design concepts around security are covered in CWDP as well.

CWSP-206 tests on below area with %age allocation.

 Knowledge Domain Percentage 
Security Policy 10% 
Vulnerabilities, Threats, and Attacks 30% 
WLAN Security Design and Architecture 45% 
Security Lifecycle Management 15% 

If one focusses on the bulk areas of WLAN Security Design and Vulnerabilities/Threats and Attacks it will be able to cover 75% of the exam topics and thereby easily covering the passing marks 70% required for the exam. The Security Policy and Lifecycle Management mostly rely on your work experience or experience dealing with security in the real world/office environments. If one is up to date with how new security attacks like social engineering etc. are carried out and extensive use of smartphone/email in hacking the way into the network it can help achieve few easy wins in this exam.

With regards to WLAN Security Design familiarise yourself with below concepts to make sure you understand them in depth.

  • 4 Way Handshake
  • 802.11 EAP types
  • Encryption types
  • 802.11r Fast BSS Transition.
  • Guest Access/Captive Portal/MDM
  • Concepts of containerisation and segmentations.
  • CVE/NVD concepts
  • WLAN attacks

If you read my previous post about Chunk of CWSP-206, I’ve focussed on the areas which you should be focussing on for 45% of the exam requirements and some concepts in depth which can help with the exam.

When it comes to exam resources, work experience in network security will really benefit. Apart from that CWNP practice exam will be of great help. I have real the CWSP-205 and Exam PW0-204 CWSP book. Both of these books are not the recent ones but still cover up to 80%+ topics of this exam. You can buy CWSP-206 exam guide from CWNP.com for more exam-specific help. There are some video courses offered by INE but I haven’t really used them to provide any feedback but should be helpful. All the best with your certification.

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