CWAP Reference Guide so far… #CWAP12

I’ve tried to condense my notes from the study for CWAP-403 exam. The exam consists of lot of details which need to be learnt if you have not done enough capturing and analyzing 802.11 wireless frames before.

  1. CWAP 403 – Start > Introductory blog
  2. 802.11 Mac Header explained
  3. Key 802.11 Frames
  4. Troubleshooting WLAN issues #mindmap
  5. PHY Layer
  6. WLAN medium contention
  7. 802.11 Frame Exchanges (Security)
  8. How to capture WLAN Frames?
  9. Troubleshooting WLAN issues with 802.11 Frames
  10. 802.11n | HT Operations
  11. 802.11ac | VHT Operations
  12. Spectrum Analysis

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