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Cisco – Mobility Express Experience

A couple of days ago I bumped into an opportunity to setup Cisco Mobility Express for one of the clients. Cisco has enabled to accomplish a mobility solution which can hep you deploy wireless LAN networks and be able to manage WLAN with APs on the network acting as the controller. Here’s how Cisco describes it in layman’s terms – […]

Everything I know about 5G!

5G is 5th Generation of Wireless Technology. 5G is Software defined network. 10x faster than 4G, 2hour film – 3G – 26 hours, 4G – 6hours, 5G – around 4 seconds. Response times faster – 4G – 0.045 m/s, 5G – 0.01 m/s. Foundation for ViR, IoT, Autonomous Driving, Online Gaming is just a start. Might only start showing in […]