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IR – Intermittent Fasting – Not INFRARED

I am slightly going off topic here with not posting or writing about IT related stuff. This is IR – The world of fasting/intermittent fasting. I was intrigued by the idea of intermittent fasting. It fascinated me to realize that my grand parents were indeed following this regimen by default. They used to be up early (5-6am), have tea and then have early lunch or late breakfast around 1130-12pm. Have some snack/tea around 3pm and then dinner around 6-7pm. This is the procedure for 16/8 intermittent fasting. You restrict to have heavy dinner and late breakfast. Of course my grandparents ate real food like wholegrains, fruits, vegetables, legumes and not fries/soda/pizza with solid cheese crust. They even did not indulge in heavy alcohol or resort to junk food mentioned above. Goes to show why they are healthier than we are right now.

This goes without saying that quality of food produced today cannot be compared to what was produced few decades ago. Population/Politics and Pesticides – the 3Ps have played the major role on the quality of the food we eat today.

Coming back to IR – I’ve started this regime from 29th Jan 2019. Trying to keep it to the routine. So far it has been good. I have also included running in my daily schedule and aim to run a minimum of 4 days in week on an average of 4kms per day. This is end of week 2 haven’t seen much changes in weight, though feeling less bloated and bulky around the waist line could be the starting signs. I’ve also included to eat salad lunches at least 4 days in the week and induce portion control while eating dinner.

I will update again on the progress in the beginning of March.

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