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2019 and the learnings

2019 is here and 15 days have already passed, just 23 fortnights to end the year 🙂 Anyway 2018 had been a great year for me with regards to the IT centric learning. I’ve been through job redundancy, a Great holiday in India and Parenting at it’s best. Fun times!!!

I gave an attempt to complete CWNA on 2nd November but failed to do so. May be it was a hasty decision to complete it before going on holiday but lesson learnt. Will give it a try soon in next month or so.

I managed to nail CCDA keeping my Cisco certifications alive. That’s one good thing.

In 2018, I also managed to learn RF basics with regards to Wireless Technologies. Strengthening my skills around wireless site surveys and they way radios work.

I will aim at writing better blog posts. 2019 will be even more better in terms of learning. Learning about different aspects of technologies that bind together.

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