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Wireless Optimization Tips!

 I have taken into account for a general hospital system where “patient tracking” application is used by doctors and nurses to capture/update patience information.  Patients/Visitors use wireless for their private use along with other hospital staff using wireless network for their day to day work chores. In some instances there might be IoT devices which might include patience monitoring devices/beds which will require seamless wireless network connectivity.

Wi-Fi Optimization

  1. Ensure simulated site survey is conducted for determining the number of AP required
  2. Optimize capacity-in-the-air on existing WIFI infrastructure by enabling more non-overlapping channels, globally reduce AP transmit power levels.
  3. Leverage 5GHz (802.11a/ac) connectivity where possible for critical devices/applications and set SSIDs to single band, preferred. 5GHz has less room for interference when compared to 2.4GHz. Encourage greater use of 5GHz capable devices.
  4. Standardize on common 802.11 data rates to encourage more predictable WIFI connectivity experience and remove 802.11b legacy data rates.
  5. Plan to reduce the overall number of wireless networks. Upto 4 SSID is a good practice.
  6. Set public WIFI SSIDs to 2.4GHz so that they do not interfere with critical 5GHz SSID frequency and clients.
  7. Enable DFS channels UNII2 and UNII-2e will provide greater capacity in the air. Verify site/hospital is not close to Airport/Shipping vessels and Aviation office etc.
  8. Enable 802.11k for optimized roaming on all the possible SSID used.

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