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Wi-Fi Validation! 21 Things!

I have pen down 21 things that came to me when it comes to verifying the existing wireless validation, let’s go through them one by one.

  1. Existing Wireless – Confirm issues and problem areas. Nature of problem, impacting the type of devices, users etc? This can be done over email or call not necessary to be onsite.
  2. Post new implementation validation – Determine user requirements and work towards the design.
  3. When onsite for existing wireless issues, check the AP positions, Antenna pointing correctly etc.
  4. Check for any hidden AP/under the ceiling etc?
  5. Validate the type of ceiling/mezzanine floor.
  6. Check for the wall types, determine db loss.
  7. Validate business critical areas
  8. Validate areas of high/low density, areas of high interference.
  9. Validate Telco/Comms rooms, make sure 100mts cable length from comms room/patch panel.
  10. Validation application requirements.
  11. Validate on-call, move around with campus with active call.
  12. Validate video streaming, non-buffer application if possible.
  13. RSSI values impacts depending on the type of device/handset/application.
  14. Always ask the client/customer for existing device configuration.
  15. Check Tx/RRM used. What is set to static/what is left to the controller?
  16. If static, adjust Tx values if required. Less Tx Less coverage, less interference, but High Tx, work with more coverage and more room for interference.
  17. Check version of controller/software upgrade if required.
  18. Use wireless configuration tool > free from Cisco https://community.cisco.com/t5/wireless-mobility-documents/wlc-config-analyzer/ta-p/3119057
  19. Perform spectrum analyzer scan and analysis
  20. Exit survey/post implementation.
  21. Test | Test | Test the wireless before handover.

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