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Wireless Site Survey of my home!

I have conducted my first ekahau site survey for my home and it has helped me learn a few basic things about accomplishing the site survey.

  1. Need the site plan (evacuation map or a dwg file of the site is recommended.
  2. Calculate the dimensions of the building or the facility, can use google maps for reference if details are not provided.
  3. I did not put any known AP on the map as ekahau automatically does this for you. I did not use the sidekick for home survey but would recommend it for real production site surveys.
  4. This survey is not continuous but stop and go
  5. My home has 2 radio transmitters kinda APs but not industry standards, 1 radio is located in garage and another in bedroom opposite the main bathroom. Garage AP broadcasts 5GHz only and 2.4 GHz Bedroom AP only

Tools used

  1. Latitude 12 Rugged 
  2. Ekahau version 9.0

Area of my home – Approx (153 m²)

Coverage Requirement: Voice + Data Signal Strength Min -80.0 dBm Signal-to-noise Ratio Min 20.0 dB Data rate Min 20 Mbps Number of Access Points Min 2 at min. -75.0 dBm Channel Overlap Max 2 at min. -85.0 dBm Round Trip Time (RTT) Max 200ms Packet Loss Max 2.0 %
I have  not surveyed in garage!

Signal strength for 2.4 GHz

Signal coverage for 5GHz

5 GHz AP is placed in garage needs to be moved out soon 🙂

There were no channel overlaps for obvious reasons.

Measured Access Points

AP # Access Point
1 Huawei
2 Tp-Link
802.11n 6@40 f4:f2:6d:**:**:16 The password is ******

Final outcome : I will have to buy a stronger AP with 2.4/5GHz radios and place it in the bedroom as the TP-Link.

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