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Change control and why it may save you!

Change control is an important part of ITIL and any organized form of business. It is the source and essence of the day to day tasks and it encompasses the same logging that used to be done in early days which is now a days replaced by online/computer format change control. Change control also gives a scope to peer review and avoid is a mishap by casting multiple opinion on the upcoming change.

Not logging a change or documenting can prove too costly most of the times. In some cases logging the change alone can save you from lot of questions in case it does work out the way it is planned. After the change is being approved and the outcome is not good or as planned this might work in your favor as the person approving it is somehow responsible for its failure. Having said that it also depends that the change is done as per the documentation and rollback procedures are followed.

What are your thoughts on this?

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