Wave Length and Frequency Basics

Wave Length – is the distance between 2 successive crests (peaks).

Commonly, lower frequency signal will travel farther than higher frequency.
2.4GHz – 4.82 inches (12.24 cms), 5GHz – 2.04 inches (5.19 cms)

Frequency – Peaks of signal, seen over a period of time. Defined in Hertz.

1 Hz = 1 cycle p/s
1 KHz = 1000 cycles p/s
1 MHz = 1 Million cycles p/s
1 GHz = 1 Billion cycles p/s

High frequency > more peaks and low frequency -> lower peaks

Amplitude – Strength or Power of the signal.

Phase : Relation between 2 or more signals with same frequency.

If 2 signals have 0 degree difference in phase then the amplitude may increase as much as double
if 2 signals have 180 degree difference in phase, they would cancel each other

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