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Wireless : Antenna

Types of Antenna

  1. Omni Directional – Design to radiate RF signal in all directional. Default type of antenna in the APs.
  2. Semi Directional – Used for short to medium distance communications. Patch, Panel and Yagi come under the category of semi directional.
    1. Patch Antenna – used for outdoor point to point communication. Looks flat, usually separate from actual AP.
    2. Planar Antenna – Provide coverage for long hallways with offices on each side. e.g. In a big library or cabinet office setup. Beam shaped.
    3. Yagi Antenna – Used for short to medium distance. Upto 2 miles. Looks like typical TV antenna.  Tilted most times.
  3. Highly Directional Antenna – Point to Point communications, network bridging.
    1. Parabolic Dish Antenna – Typical dish TV antenna (satellite coverage)
    2. Grid Antenna – Determined by wavelength


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