Month: September 2018

What is 802.11ax

Well we first thought there are lot of acronyms in CPU naming schemes but wireless nomenclature may be even more confusing. Started with 802.11 and then got on to 802.11b/g/n/ac/ac wave 2 and then the recent one 802.11ax.  Speed –…

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QAM and Modulation

Abbreviations Galore and Column Legend MCS – Modulation and Coding Scheme QAM – Quadrature Amplitude Modulation BPSK – Binary Phase Shift Keying GI – Guard Interval HT – High Throughput VHT – Very HT RSSI – Received Signal Strength Indicator…

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Wave Length and Frequency Basics

Wave Length – is the distance between 2 successive crests (peaks). Commonly, lower frequency signal will travel farther than higher frequency. 2.4GHz – 4.82 inches (12.24 cms), 5GHz – 2.04 inches (5.19 cms) Frequency – Peaks of signal, seen over…

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Wireless Site Survey Notes

Keep in mind about? Floor plan? Dimensions? Get from google earth if no info or double check Number of serving clients Ceiling Height Door (Entrance/Exit doors if apply) Material of doors/walls/obstructions etc. Location? Balanced – Capacity(numbers), Coverage Cisco Access Points…

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CWNA : New Things Learnt today

Cinemas jamming mobile phone signals #cinemajammers The US’s National Association of Theater Owners wants the FCC’s permission to block mobile reception inside cinemas. To be honest I thought this already happened in some places… maybe I’d mentally linked it to…

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4 Way Handshake

    In my own simple words  4-way handshake between a client and an access point Acronyms used: PMK – pairwise master key PRF = Pseudo Random Function AA = Authenticator Address, SA = Supplicant Address PTK = PRF(PMK |…

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Duo MFA Security

Learnt something new today for DUO security. Any app or device can now be configured for MFA. Today i was able to get office 365 and azure login to redirect to DUO, got it working in less than 15 minutes….

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Until next time….

My parents left Auckland yesterday after spending last 6 months with us. Good times really fly by faster. Feels like yesterday for the arrival in Auckland back on 15 March. We all had a great time together. Yes there were…

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Skycity Level 48

Been to Auckland Skycity level 48 a while ago! The floor is an array of antenna and micro wave radios pointing in all the directions. Skycity tower is remarkably the tallest tower in southern hemisphere. Ideally it will one of…

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Intune Struggle and Breakthrough

Microsoft Intune – MDM service for device configuration and enrollment. I had to struggle to get it working. First had to go through access denial stages and then later found my way through activating the Azure Active Directory P2 subscription….

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